Keeping-a-secret nose touch versus figuring-out-who-the-dead-guy-is nose touch.


looking at Esposito v.s. looking as Castle


Evidence of Frankie’s crush on Maura


car slide/jumps in 3x03 and 6x20 | requested by anonymous


Castle AU - Harry Potter, continued. The Mirror of Erised. 
Rookie Auror Kate Beckett becomes separated from her training
officer during a routine sweep of the city's darkest streets. What
she doesn't expect is to stumble upon the magical world's most
strange mirror in an abandoned building. How is it possible she
can see her mother in the reflection?






Great call back to Castle’s embarrassment in The Final Frontier, The only thing that would have made this scene better was if the teeny-tiny halter top had been Martha’s back in the day.

What if it is intended to be?

This is my new head canon. Martha mentioned it that evening when Alexis was changing to go disco. I can picture Beckett giggling helplessly into her wine glass at the look on Castle’s face.

I bet he would prefer bleach in his eyes instead of knowing that Martha owns that top!

Beckett’s face is practically red—as is Castle’s, but for a completely different reason—as Martha goes on and on about the top she’d lent Alexis earlier that day.

"It was a different time, of course…"

"Please stop, Mother."

"I was much more fit back then…"

"Mother, I’m begging you."

"I was leaner, tighter, bouncier…”

"Oh my God…"

"I had a body similar to yours, actually, Katherine."


"Richard, please, don’t be such a drama queen. Katherine, tell him—Katherine? Dear, are you alright?"

This place needs to look like the 70’s. And so do you.

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